Depalletizer Maintains Bottle Stability for Reverse Taper Bottles


Model 108RT depalletizer offers low, medium, or high level discharge and maintains bottle stability for reverse taper bottles during high speed transfer from the pallet and throughout single filing.

Prior to container transfer, the top and secondary pallet layers are squared and secured. Additionally, each product load is kept under control on all four sides from the pallet throughout the depalletizing process, to contain the bottles in a tight pack, which enhances stability.

As bottles are single filed with a conveyor designed to gently “pull” them from the pack and guide them to the line conveyor. Picture frames and slipsheets are automatically removed, separated and stacked.

Operation and changeover are managed at the touchscreen operator panel which provides access to real-time operating data, diagnostic reports, and full machine manuals.


  • solid channel steel frame and welded and bolted construction
  • low, medium, or high level discharge
  • heavy shafts and industrial roller chain for the sweep drive and elevator drive
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