Depressed Center Wheels - Norton Saint-Gobain


Norton Abrasives has introduced a major upgrade of their BEST-tier depressed center wheels for right angle grinding applications.  Norton NorZon® Plus wheels now utilize a proprietary blend of Norton’s patented, newest generation SG ceramic alumina and Norton BlueFireTM zirconia alumina abrasives, combined with a new high performance bond system for significantly improved grain micro-fracturing. The new Norton NorZon Plus line has also been expanded with the introduction of Norton NorZon Plus Fast Cut™ Depressed Center Wheels, which provide the fastest material removal in the industry.  Norton NorZon Plus’ improved micro-fracturing capability provides a continual supply of serrated cutting edges, enabling unparalleled productivity, wheel life and overall cost effectiveness across a broad spectrum of right angle grinding applications. 

New Norton NorZon Plus wheels provide 50-100% better overall performance than competitive ceramic alumina wheels.  NorZon Plus Fast Cut provides a 15-30% improved cut rate over standard NorZon Plus wheels, significantly better than competitive zirconia alumina wheels.  NorZon Plus wheels offer the fastest cutting, longest lasting, lowest total cost solution on the market.  NorZon Plus wheels were invented in the U.S. and are also made in the U.S.A. —more— “Whether the user is looking for extremely fast stock removal, maximum productivity, wheel life or durability, the new Norton NorZon Plus family of Fast Cut, All Purpose and Long Life products provide the optimum performance solution for all applications in right angle grinding,” said Debbie Gaspich, Norton Abrasives Director of Product Management, North America. The new Norton NorZon Plus is ideal for steel, stainless steel and other ferrous metals.  Wheels are available in sizes 4-9” in ¼” thickness.


  • for right angle grinding applications
  • improved grain micro-fracturing
  • 50-100% better overall performance
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