AUTOMSIM is a new circuit design and simulation software package that works for electric, pneumatic, hydraulic and digital electronic networks. This inexpensive package allows you to pick-and-place objects or components to hook up a circuit or layout and then simulate what happens in real life, with dynamic results plotted for output. AUTOMSIM is easy to use and inexpensive and comes with a huge components library for all four modes. Extended capabilities include plotting functions, bill of materials, EMF/Word export, etc. Components included: The Electric Section features many types of motors, meters, switches, coils, lights, relays, sensors, power supplies, etc. The Pneumatic Section has: dryers, filters, indicators, pressure gauges, pressure reducers, vacuum generators, motors, brakes, cylinders, valves, compressors, regulators, sensors, timers, etc. For Hydraulics there are: accumulators, coolers, filters, heaters, indicators, gauges, valves, cylinders, motors, brakes, reservoirs, sensors, etc. For Digital Electronics there are: AND/NAND/OR/NOR gates, JK/SR/D flip-flops, 3-to-8 coders, 4-bit comparators, 7 segment decoders, counters, DVMs, probes, clocks etc.
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