Desktop 3D Printer Combines Reliablility, Ease, and Affordability


The new model, OverLord Plus is engineered to solve the typical problems of desktop 3D printer like clogged nozzle, unstable extruding and loose bottom layers, which contribute to 80% of total failures. It took DreamMaker engineers more than 2 years to collected feedback from users, study root reason of problems.


To increase the success rate of 3D printing works, DreamMaker reengineered the thermal dynamic system of the printer, from extruder to hot end, including all the components which produce heat or need cooling. It made the new OverLord capable of restless printing. Meantime, enhanced cooling at nozzle helped the print to produce smoother objects and prevent clog of filament by accelerating crystalizing of PLA.


Equipped with leveling sensor, the new OverLord Plus can save up to 75% time for auto calibration function, and give repeated accuracy up to 0.05mm in vertical and 0.4mm in horizon. User can easily calibrate the printer each time before printing without being extraordinarily patient.


Although OverLord Plus is highly automated than most printers, they still provide custom preference settings for advanced users to input the parameter for specific performance. What's more, the OverLord Plus even allow users to pause and change filament during printing. So that you can utilize the last feet of the filament, or you can create multi-color prints!


Last but not least, equipped with well-designed damper, the noise of OverLord Plus is 5dB quieter than previous model.

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