Desktop Laser Marking


The EasyMark XL is a fully integrated, desktop laser marking system. Based on the EasyMark platform, the EasyMark XL offers an expanded working range and longer focal lengths. Marking fields are now available up to 240 x 240 mm.


The processing head of the EasyMark XL can be moved by 120 mm on a precision rail to be adapted to different workpiece heights. What this means is that larger workpieces with variable thickness can now be marked in one operation. The larger working area allows for batch processing of small parts for increased efficiency.


The EasyMark XL includes a number of options, such as three different nanoseconds, infrared fiber lasers; the PowerLine F20 is a very economical solution, the PowerLine F50 delivers the highest speed, and the PowerLine F20 Varia enables optimization of the heat input by adjusting the pulse width, enabling marking with the highest quality requirements. Other options include a rotary axis for marking round parts and the software package APP Suite that enables effects such as 3D depth engraving. With this broad selection of options, the system can be configured to provide optimum results for a wide range of applications–from "low-tech" marking of plastic ear tags for animals to marking codes on stainless steel medical devices to deep engraving of casting molds and stamps.

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