Detailed Bolting Tools Catalog


Designed in an easy-to-use format, the Bolting Tools catalog introduces several bolting application challenges and solutions with a unique product range overview. A variety of challenges are included, such as misaligned joints, controlled bolting or frozen or corroded nuts and corresponding solutions. The product overview also features product images for easy referencing and ordering.

Enerpac’s Bolting Tools catalog also provides valuable technical information with an overview of bolting theory, torque tightening and tensioning, and it serves as a useful industry resource with information on bolt and nut sizes, conversion factors and pressure to torque tables.


  • print and online for download
  • UltraSlim torque wrenches for high-performance bolting in tight spaces
  • X-Edition hydraulic torque wrenches, which improve operator safety and productivity and are available in S-Series square drive and W-Series low-profile hexagon models
  • PTW-Series pneumatic torque wrenches with high-speed, continuous rotation for constant torque output
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