DeviceNet Cordsets


These molded cordsets offer Thick and Thin connectivity in a DeviceNet™ application. Our solutions offer the ability to connect in a motion system such as X-Y-Z motion equipment. The stationary versions offer the same functionality as the flexing in terms of connectivity, but in a stationary environment. Available configurations include Thick and Thin single-ended, extension, and panel mount extension cordsets. Thin open-style termination cordsets and panel mount receptacles also available.


- Contact carrier: Blue-gray thermoplastic polyurethane
- Molded head: Blue-gray thermoplastic polyurethane*
- Contacts: Gold-plated brass
- Coupling nut: Nickel-plated brass
- Shield: Foil (pairs) & overall tinned copper braid
- Outer jacket: Gray PVC
- Conductor insulation:
- for data: Polyethylene
- for power: PVC
Rated Current:
- DeviceNet™ ⅞”: 9A
- DeviceNet™ M12: 4A
Rated Voltage:
- DeviceNet™ ⅞”: 300V
- DeviceNet™ M12: 250V
Number of Conductors:
- DeviceNet™ ⅞”:
- 6001: 14 AWG/2c + 18 AWG/2c + 18 AWG drain wire
- 4001: 15 AWG/2c + 18 AWG/2c + 18 AWG drain wire
- DeviceNet™ M12: 22 AWG/2c + 24 AWG/2c + 22 AWG drainwire
Temperature Range: -20°C to +75°C
Protection Class: Meets NEMA 1, 3, 4, 6, 13 & IEC IP67
Cable Type:
- for stationary use: UNITRONIC® BUS DeviceNet™ Gray
- for continuous flex: UNITRONIC® BUS DeviceNet™ Gray
* Color is typical, not standard

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