Dew-Point/Absolute Humidity Transmitter


Michell Instruments is pleased to announce the new SF52 with a Dew-Point
Temperature range of -40 to +140º F. Communication is by 4-20mA or voltage signal
for either dew-point or absolute humidity with <3.6º F accuracy <1.8º F annual
stability. The SF series is contained within a rugged housing of less than 1.1” diameter, and
provides operating pressures up to 300psig. The ½” NPT port contains a flush filter disc
to minimize flow disturbance and is extremely easy to install.
The SF52 is very competitively priced and ideal for OEM’s in a wide range of dew-point
and moisture measurement applications.


* Measurement Range (dew point temperature) -40 to +60°C / -40 to +140°F, Td * Measurement Range (absolute humidity) 0 to 200 g/m3 / 0 to 87.4 gr/ft3 * Accuracy (dew point) <±2°C (-20 to +60°C) <±3.6°F (-4 to +140°F) * Accuracy (absolute humidity) 0.4 to 3 g/m3 / 0.175 to 1.311 gr/ft3 on value of absolute humidity * Stability <1°C / 1.8°F/year Td * Response Time <10 sec typical (for 90% of the step change) * Electrical output/input * Output Signal 4–20 mA, 0–1, 0–5, 0–10 VDC * Supply Voltage 8-30 VDC (14-30 VDC for 0–10 V output) * Supply Voltage Influence ±0.005% RH per Volt * Current Consumption 9 mA + load current * Supply voltage influence ±0.005 % RH/V
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