DI-1000 Digital Load Cell Interface


Loadstar Sensors Inc. today announced the availability of its DI-1000 Digital Load Cell Interface, designed to work seamlessly with conventional resistive load cells. The DI-1000 provides a simple, convenient method to convert the millivolt output from a load cell into a PC friendly digital USB output. Just plug in your load cell into one end of the DI-1000 and plug the other end to a PC and you get a PC ready load cell.

The DI-1000 provides many key features in order to simplify the process of building a PC friendly load measurement system:

Compatible with any PC running Windows XP or Vista
Calibrated output in simple ASCII format
View loads on demand or in streaming mode
Command set for software integration
Optional wireless: Bluetooth or Zigbee
Optional LoadVUE software allows user to log and plot data

"The new DI-1000 streamlines the tedious process of getting data from a load cell to a PC," says Div Harish, Co-Founder & CEO of Loadstar Sensors, Inc. "Users benefit from our Plug and SenseT technology & can build their applications faster & more cost effectively. For users who need to log and chart data we offer LoadVUE application software that gives users an easy to use interface from a PC."

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