Diagnostic Encoders


The next generation of RENCO brand rotary encoders includes an upgraded R35i model and a successor to the RCML15 encoder with the R35iL low profile encoder. Both solutions have an OPTO-ASIC that provides additional features and improved functionality to users.


The RENCO R35i and R35iL encoders are ideal for use in brushless DC motors or stepper motor solutions. Their compact size combined with the high level of performance and availability makes these products the top choice for applications such as medical devices, warehouse robotics, and laser scanning.


Both encoders come with a Diagnostic and Field Programming (DFP) feature not before seen on incremental encoders of this type. This DFP functionality allows users to perform mounting checks, quick and simple diagnostic functions, and electronic commutation settings which can reduce the mounting time of each encoder up to 10 minutes.


Additional features include an extended tolerance on mounting specifications, increased output frequency performance up to 1.83 MHz, and reduced height down to 8.6 mm.

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