The new Diamond Series power supplies introduced by Dynatronix, Inc., of Amery, WI, offers DC and low frequency pulse waveform outputs for electroplating, anodizing, and waste water treatment applications. Using state of the art FPGA controls for increased flexibility, reliability and control, the Diamond Series offers many unique and user friendly features such as:  multiple control options, low frequency pulse capabilities, waveform generation and storage, visual tolerance alarms, ampere time totalizer, ampere time, real time and manual cycle control, fault detection and monitoring (both at unit start up and while in use) and the ability to be connect multiple units in parallel or in series.

Control options include:  two digit encoders and two digital meters; a QVGA 5.7” color graphic touch screen display with integrated control program; Front Panel Plus host control program for PC control and analog interface for PLC control.

    Currently dressed in 304 Stainless Steel, the Diamond Series has been designed in a modular fashion, increasing the flexibility in meeting customer output requirements.  The Diamond Series can operate on 180-264VAC, 47-63Hz, 3 phase or 342 – 528VAC, 47-63Hz, 3 phase input per 18Kw module.   The FPGA controller automatically detects the incoming power levels and optimizes the power supply to gain the most efficiency.  Power factor is 0.95 minimum for full load operation at 200VAC input. Ripple is <60ms or 250mV peak to peak (0-20MHz). 

Dynatronix Diamond Series units are available in two packages, one measuring 15.7” x 17” x 28” (HWD), including buss bars and the other measuring 31.47” x 17” x 28” (HWD) including buss bars. An optional mounting base adds 2.5” to its height. The units weigh approximately 150 lbs. per 18Kw module.

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