Custom die cut electrically insulated parts that provide high dielectric strength, are flame retardant per UL94V-0, and are RoHS compliant are being introduced by Interstate Specialty Products, Inc. of Sutton, Massachusetts.

Interstate Specialty Electrical Insulations are digitally die cut from ITW Formex® GK which is a flame retardant polypropylene material that provides a high dielectric strength and is offered in 0.005” to 0.062” thicknesses.  Suitable for a variety of applications, the parts produced can be folded repeatedly without cracking or splitting, are non-hygroscopic, provide superior chemical resistance, and operate at up to 115°C continuous.

Supplied embossed, printed, and with EMI/RFI shielding where required, Interstate Specialty Electrical Insulations are available with dielectric strengths from 1080 to 2625 V/mil per ASTM D-149 and volume resistivity of 3.97 x 1015 ohm-cm per ASTM D-257.  Applications include appliances, auto-motive, battery packs, circuit boards, instruments, and wire harnesses.

Interstate Specialty Electrical Insulations are priced according to material grade, configuration, and quantity.  Price quotations and material samples are provided upon request.

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