Custom die-cut gaskets made from virgin and filled PTFE in all shapes, sizes and geometries to precisely match machine, pump, and valve housings are available from Interstate Specialty Products, Inc. of Sutton, Massachusetts.
Interstate Die-Cut PTFE Gaskets can be fabricated for a precise fit in sizes from 1/4” up to 60” dia. by 0.003” to 0.250” thick and are chemically inert and unaffected by most corrosive liquids, vapors, and gases.  Manufactured from virgin or filled PTFE, PFA, TFM, and expanded PTFE, they can be custom engineered and produced to match specific customer requirements.

Ideal for applications requiring durability and slipperiness, Interstate Die-Cut PTFE Gaskets can be filled with glass fiber, carbon, or graphite to achieve specific performance characteristics with respect to lubricity, wear, and heat-resistance.  Typically operating from -400°F to 500°F, these gaskets can conform to FDA, AMS, and Military specifications.

Interstate Die-Cut PTFE Gaskets are priced according to part construction and quantity.  Representative samples and price quotations are typically provided within 24-hours.

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