Digi XBee Intelligent Edge Controller


Extending industrial monitoring use cases to more remote asset classes is the Digi XBee Intelligent Edge Controller (IEC). It provides a deployment-ready upgrade to existing industrial sensors with the latest innovations in wireless and cloud technologies. It is compatible with 90% of existing industrial sensors and controls, providing SCADA systems with an IoT alternative.


When combined with Digi X-ON cloud, it can help companies monitor sensors or remote-control assets over Long-Range, Low-Power Wide Area Networks. Industrial devices can be monitored with sub-second latency with alarms and data wirelessly delivered through the Digi X-ON cloud.


Digi XBee IEC not only provides a faster time-to-market for IIoT OEMs and enterprises, it is also a value-added tool set for systems integrators and Value Added Resellers to address complex IIoT deployments.


  • Low-Power Wide-Area Network - LPWAN
  • 80x local intelligent edge rules and unlimited cloud-based rules
  • Cloud-based configuration
  • On-demand cloud polling and configuration for any Modbus register
  • Device portal
  • Intelligent edge processing
  • Sub-second local monitoring and alarms
  • Mobile provisioning app
  • Digi X-ON cloud platform for easy management
  • Typical range up to 10 mi. (15 km) 
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