Digital Concrete Test Hammer


Transformed into a digitally-capable tool, the Original Schmidt rebound hammer has been taken to a new level of performance and ease-of-use. Unrivaled for testing, reporting, and analysis of concrete strength and uniformity, its comprehensive digital capability and proven durability combine to provide the world’s most advanced R-value concrete test hammer.


Type N Schmidt Test Hammer Live - The Type N hammer is designed for testing concrete items 4-in. (100 mm) or more in thickness or concrete with a maximum particle size less than or equal to 1.25 in. (32 mm). Type N hammer is also used for the testing of massive rock. Impact energy is 1.6 ft-lb. (2.207 Nm). Units have 1,450 to 18,150 psi (10 to 70 N/mm2) compressive strength. Testing Standards for N: ASTM C805, D5873; BS 1881: Part 202


Type L Schmidt Test Hammer Live - The Type L hammer operates with significantly lower impact energy, making this hammer the ideal option for testing thin walled items with a thickness between 2 and 4 in. (50 to 100 mm) or for testing small components. The Type L is suitable for testing cast stone components, and paper products, which are sensitive to impact. In rock mechanics, the Type L hammers are commonly used for classification testing of rock cores and brittle rock. Testing Standards for L: ASTM D5873; ISRM Suggested Method for Rebound Index of Rock Cores



  • Digital hammer with digital reporting and data sharing (via a free, comprehensive Apple iOS app)
  • Stand-alone analog hammer (use it offline and download data to the app later)
  • Works as a digital print console by wirelessly connecting to a Bluetooth printer and directly printing out test results
  • A comprehensive R-value hammer for the concrete and paper industries and geologists
  • Speedy and flexible
  • Prepare, test and share test results (to all major standards) via the app up to 80% quicker than with traditional hammers.
  • Item Nos. HA-836301, HA-836321​
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