Digital indicating type fiber optic amplifiers – BF5 Series


Autonics newly introduces digital indicating type fiber optic amplifiers - BF5 Series. It realizes dual-display application and enables to sense high speed moving objects & minute objects, due to its 1/10,000 high resolution & 20,000 times per sec. high speed sensing. It is allowed to make up to 8 units adjacent mounting using side connectors without mutual interference; in addition, it features high durability via APC (Auto Power Control) circuit and 4 sensitivity setting modes are available.

Major Features

  • Dual-display for light incident level and setting value (BF5R-D)
  • Minute object sensing available with 1/10,000 high resolution
  • High speed(20,000 times per sec.) sensing of moving objects
  • 4 types of response speed setting mode : Ultra Fast mode(50?), Fast mode(150?), standard mode(500?), long distance mode(4ms)
  • Long lasting amplifier using APC circuit regardless of element's life degradation or temperature change
  • Diverse sensitivity setting modes available : auto tuning, 1 point(maximum sensitivity), 2 point, positioning setting
  • Up to 8 units adjacent mounting possible with mutual interference prevention function using side connector
  • Communication: RS485 communication available using dedicated communication unit (max. 32 units connectable) [* BFC : launching soon]
  • Auto channel setting function for multiple installations
  • Slim design (W10 X H30 X L70mm)
  • Power save function
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