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Saelig Company, Inc. announces the Rigol DS2000A Digital Oscilloscope Series, offering bandwidths up to 300MHz and an integrated full function 25MHz signal generator, saving both equipment costs and bench space. The two-channel DS2000A provides a 2GSa/s max. sample rate and a huge 14Mpts record length (56Mpts optional) to help users find elusive problems in complex digital streams by means of long acquisition lengths at high sample rates with fine resolution and signal detail. The new DS2000A oscilloscopes provide a wide vertical range of 500uV/div to 10V/div and a low noise floor for improved signal fidelity and capture of smaller signals. A waveform capture rate of up to 50,000 wfmSa/s minimizes scope "dead time" between trigger events and increases observations of random and sporadic events. Serial triggering and analysis options help speed analysis and debug of I2C, RS232, SPI, and CANbus designs.  

This LXI-C class instrument can be connected to a LAN network for remote control capabilities or test systems operating with other instruments. A PictBridge printer or PC can be connected via a USB device interface to print waveform data or control the instrument using PC software. Twelve horizontal and twelve vertical automatic measurement parameters are provided.  The front-panel Help button provides instructions for using all the function keys, including menu keys, removing the need to refer to a hardcopy manual.  The uncompromised performance of the DS2000A and 20 to 35% price advantage versus competitive famous-brand models helps lower overall test costs.  The feature-rich DS2072A (70MHz) is priced at $839, while the DS2102A (100 MHz), DS2202A (200MHz) and DS2302A (300MHz) offer an integrated generator option ( -S model number). 


  • bandwidths up to 300MHz
  • integrated full function 25MHz signal generator
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