Digital Panel Meter Exempt From Cybersecurity Threats


Opening a new avenue for cybersecurity applications within Nuclear I&C rooms, the Solid State Analog Meter (SSAM) is a streamlined plug and play replacement of ANSI 4-in. analog meters features technology that renders this digital panel meter exempt from cybersecurity threats. Designed without any digital assets such as microprocessors and powered by CMOS logic, the SSAM series is built to easily replace obsolete analogs Form, Fit, and Function using existing wires, panels, and necessitating only minimal operator training.


In addition to the cybersecurity applications, the SSAM series also features 4-20 and 10-50mA inputs, 100% signal powered, AC/DC Watts and Hertz or external power, 4 ½ digits at 0.1% accuracy, optional isolated H.V. SPDT dual alarms, a loop burden of less than 5V or 100mW power, and a patented signal failure alarm that warns the user of a signal or power loss for nearly an hour after the initial dead signal.


Unique among the SSAM series, the SSAM-9 model features an incredibly powerful display using pure white LED technology that allows the user to easily interchange the scale plate design and coloring using the same unit and panel cut out. This is OTEK's “One Size Fits All” philosophy and offers on-site training to demonstrate the ease by which you can usee unlimited custom colors for your SSAM-9 display. Customizations to the overall meter itself are also welcome—OTEK customizes its technology to reverse engineer replacements for obsolete meters/controllers so all you have to do is Plug & Play.

With cyber security rapidly becoming a major concern within the electric, water, and nuclear industries, the SSAM is positioned to become a mainstay in the industry for years to come. Current SSAM technology may be found at For more information or ordering contact Chris at 520-748-7900, or by email at [email protected].

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