Digital Temperature Controllers


BriskHeat has added three new controllers to complement its surface heater offerings.


The new controllers include:


The SDX Digital PID Temperature Controller: An affordable, compact cULus and CE- approved benchtop controller, it’s ideal in a laboratory environment or any indoor application where accurate control is required. The SDX Digital PID Temperature Controller’s smaller size makes it easy to set up and move to wherever it’s needed. A universal voltage from 100 to 240 VAC with a 15 amp relay adds to its versatility.


HL101 Series Digital Benchtop Temperature Limit Controller: Built-in temperature control adds current cutoff to existing temperature controllers or devices. To prevent the sensed surface from exceeding a programmed high-limit setpoint temperature, the HL101 adds high-limit cutoff safety to a wide range of applications. The HL101 features benchtop plug-and-play design for dry-environment use.


BH-330 In-Line and BH-510 Digital Wet-Area Controllers: Designed for use in wet or outdoor areas, both controllers feature Fast-Adaptive-Tuning technology, optimizing the controller to adjust the logic between the setpoint temperature and the actual temperature. The BH-330 in-line temperature controller with IR remote control provides an “all-in-one” solution for process heating and control in an easy-to-install unit. The BH-510 outdoor temperature controller can be used in applications where high accuracy is required.

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