Digital Thermostat for Heat Trace System Control


Chromalox announces the introduction of a new Digital Thermostat, model DTS, for heat trace system control.  The Chromalox pipe-mounted digital thermostat controller provides temperature control, power switching, power connection and alarm indication for heat trace systems used in process temperature maintenance or freeze protection applications.

Chromalox model DTS is compatible with applications where local control of pipe temperature, power switching and alarm indication is required. The DTS mounts directly to the pipe and houses the heating cable power connection. Pipe or ambient temperature is monitored with a three-wire, 100 Ohm platinum RTD. The unit is programmable from -40 degrees F to 485 degrees F (-40 degrees C to 252 degrees C) standard.

The DTS provides digital indication of process set-point, process temperature, high and low temperature alarm and sensor failure alarm. The unit is Div 2 hazardous area compliant, with Div 2 product approvals through Factory Mutual, Underwriters Laboratories and Canadian Standards Association pending.


  • provides temperature control
  • programmable from -40 degrees F to 485 degrees F
  • provides digital indication of process set-poin
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