Digital Torque Wrenches


K-Tool International (KTI), a leading manufacturer of tools for the automotive aftermarket and professional mechanic, is pleased to add digital torque wrenches to its product line.

Day in and day out, mechanics routinely tighten a variety of components to specific torque values. Despite their vast experience and attention to detail, even the best and most efficient mechanic can occasionally over-tighten or under-tighten a component, leading to vehicle damage or even catastrophic failure.

KTI’s new digital torque wrenches eliminate the possibility of human error with a series of lights and alarms that immediately alert the user to torque readings that are “over or under” entered values.

Easy to use and featuring a high contrast, backlit LCD screen display, users press only four buttons to operate the tool: power on/off; unit of measurement (ft./lbs., in./lbs., N-m); torque target up; and torque target down. Users can quickly switch among three types of measurement, eliminating the need to have three separate tools.

KTI’s digital torque wrenches are designed to perform consistently and withstand even the most heavy-duty applications. Each tool boasts a non-slip grip, a rugged, durable housing, a
36-tooth gear and a lever-type ratchet to ease directional switching.

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