Digital Twin Infrastructure Tool


Cityzenith unveiled its Beta release of SmartWorldPro2, the follow-up to its flagship Digital Twin software platform, SmartWorldPro—the planning, building, and infrastructure tool for city planners and asset managers. Professionals who design, build, and manage complex, large-scale building projects, properties, and real estate portfolios value the way SmartWorldPro makes data aggregation, visualization, query, and analysis easy and fun.


Digital Twins are 3D virtual replicas of physical buildings and infrastructure connected to the data in and around them and widely used to optimize their design, construction, and operational performance over the entire lifecycle.


SmartWorldPro2 also introduces a presentation feature, TwinUp, as well as Mapalyze—the library of analytics and plug-ins (the App Store for building professionals). It is also the first version available for both desktop and tablet.


Import hundreds of data types into one universal dashboard including disparate formats (like BIM, GIS, and IoT) that don't traditionally play nicely together. Other popular file imports include CSV, IFC, DWG, DXF, GeoJSON, JSON, KML, Shapefiles, Text, XML, and many others.


The BIM import feature allows users to directly import a wide range of popular BIM formats directly into SmartWorldPro (Revit, Bentley, SketchUp, Rhino, and more coming!), retaining key object information ideal for asset management and other operational purposes.


Simplified data surfacing. SmartWorldPro provides users access to over one billion curated, geo-tagged urban context data layers—including open city data, paid information services, and IoT data. Annotation tools allow users to quickly and conveniently tag objects in a model with information from a variety of sources. Icons make it easy to distinguish different objects and create custom reports.

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