Digital Valve Controllers


Emerson’s Fisher® FIELDVUE  digitalvalve controllers with HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus communications can nowbe integrated into any process control system that supports FDT/DTMtechnology. Using ValveLink DTM software, users can communicate with anyFIELDVUE digital valve controller, to perform startup, commissioning anddiagnostic activities.

ValveLink software has been certified by the FDT Group for compliance withFDT standards. It has also been tested and certified for use with FDTcompliant host system manufactures including Honeywell, Invensys andYokogawa.FIELDVUE digital valve controllers have a long history of using the AMSValveLink SNAP-ON to integrate into HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus hostsystems, such as Emerson’s DeltaV™ and Ovation digital automation systems.The addition of DTM support provides another avenue to continue to thisstrong integration tradition for FIELDFVUE instrument customers.Performance and reliability are the foundation for the FIELDVUE family ofdigital valve controllers.  Their role is to maintain control valveperformance, diagnose the assembly, and enable predictive maintenance.FIELDVUE digital valve controllers have logged millions of operating hoursand have earned high praise from companies that employ their technology toimprove plant availability.  Built for extreme conditions, they have proventhemselves by surviving difficult process environments in   refining,chemical, nuclear, oil and gas, power, and pulp and paper industries.


  • supports FDT/DTMtechnology
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