DIN Rail; Steel; Silver; 7.50 mm; 35 mm; 2 m - Allied Electronics Inc


DIN Rail Mount, Steel Material, Chromated Color

DIN rail is the metal rail used to mount various electrical components in a control cabinet. The Din rail forms the basis of the inner workings of control cabinet. It ensures a firm hold of the rail mountable components.
Since the rail is manufactured to DIN standards, end users can select DIN rail mountable products from different manufactures and mount  them on the same rail. This provides the user the freedom to choose several different combinations of electrical components. The use of the Din rail saves time, space, and provides a central location where external and internal wiring can be connected quickly and efficiently.
Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of standardized rails made of very different materials based on the users application.
This Din rail (NS 35/7.5) is 2 meter (length) 7.5mm (height) x 35mm (width) perforated steel


  • Saves time and space by providing a centralized location of connecting wiring
  • Manufactured to a universal standard allowing different products to be mounted on the same rail
  • Provides a secure and reliable mounting base for rail mountable components


Material:Steel | Color:Chromated | Height:7.5 | Length:2 | Width:35 |
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