Direct Modeling System


Designer direct modeling system is the latest solution from Vero Software.


Designer is a powerful direct modeling system developed to fill the gap between CAD and CAM by focusing on needs specific to machinist programmers. As a stand-alone, optional application for the Vero CAM portfolio, Designer enables users to create new designs or modify existing geometry from third-party CAD systems.


Designer represents the CAD framework that will become the core modeling engine for all Vero CAM applications. The solution is not dependent upon having a series of parameters that drive it, or a feature tree. It provides a very quick, dynamic editing and modeling environment wherein users simply sketch, drag, hold, push, or twist to create and modify models.


Having this single and unified solution for solids-based designs gives Vero users the flexibility of receiving a CAD file from any source for review or modification.


Some modelers do not maintain adequate tolerances, so the models will often require a degree of repair – or if they’ve only been roughly modeled there may be gaps in the geometry. Designer allows users to read the native CAD data, clean up any poor geometry, close the gaps, stitch it into a solid, and then make modifications that are important to the CAM process — such as the suppression of features, or the modification of draft angles.


Generally, those modifications do not impact a part’s design or performance but will make it more manufacturable.

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