Direct Operated Valve for Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor Systems


SMC Corporation of America, the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic products and filtration equipment has announced the release of their new Series VFD direct operated poppet valve for use in Zero Pressure Accumulation conveyor systems SMC’s Series VFD valve when incorporated with a conveyor system’s control logic and sensors, controls the air pressure that is used for roller actuation and roller braking, thus creating space between products on the conveyor line for efficient transport of products without causing any damage. The Series VFD valve offers a coefficient of volume flow (Cv) of 0.10 with a wide operating pressure range of 0 to 72 psi to handle large pressure drops that are found on long conveyor runs. The valve is available in 110V AC and 24V DC power supply with three electrical connections including 2 pin M8 (screw-on/snap-lock), DIN and grommet. The 24V DC power supply valve, with it’s low power consumption of 0.62 W and wide voltage range of 20.4V to 30V is particularly suitable when multiple valves are connected in series, allowing for voltage drop. With fast response time of 14ms (on) and 5 ms (off), the valve is equipped with one touch fitting for easy connection, silencer with sintered bronze element for reduced exhaust noise and manual override button for ease of commissioning the equipment. With IP65 enclosure rating, the Series VFD valve comes with two types of modular two-piece design mounting brackets. One, an industry standard rectangular “quick connect” mounting bracket, perfect for a drop in replacement on existing conveyor equipment and the other a two hole mounting bracket. Also available from SMC are custom designed brackets
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