Direct Steam Injection Water Heater Product Line


Kadant Johnson Inc. announces the introduction of its new direct steam injection water heater product line. Direct steam injection water heaters, also referred to as direct injection heaters, are used to rapidly and accurately heat water and water-based slurries by injecting steam directly into the fluid.
Direct injection heaters are used in a variety of industrial processing applications including boiler feedwater preheating, fibrous slurries such as pulp stock and biomass pretreatment, paper starch processing, sanitization and tank cleaning, and anaerobic treatment of organic waste, among other applications.
According to Gregory L. Wedel, president of Kadant Johnson Inc., “Direct injection heating uses all the sensible and latent heat of steam to heat the fluid. It can provide equal heating to that of an indirect heat exchanger process with 20 percent to 30 percent less energy. The improved energy efficiency results in less steam consumption with no reduction in output. This new product line complements our existing steam specialty products to maximize energy efficiency in process industries.”
Kadant Johnson direct steam injection water heaters are available in sizes 1.5” through 6” with other sizes available on request. All units are custom-engineered based on the operating conditions to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. With the exception of the actuator and modulating spindle, the direct injection heater has no moving parts, giving it high reliability and long service life.
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