Disconnect and Fuse Screw Connection Terminal Blocks


Omega's new RoHS compliant ASK T-BLOCK series allows a circuit to be "opened" without disconnecting the wire from the screw.  These terminal blocks feature secure, reliable screw connections and enhanced troubleshooting with LED blown fuse indicators. This package comes with a full line of accessories: end plates, cross connectors and marking tags.


• Allows For Circuit to Be "Opened" Without Removing the Wire • Enhanced Troubleshooting with LED Fuse Blown Indicators • Sized for 5 x 20 mm, 5 x 25 mm or 1¼ x ¼" Fuses • Screw Connection for Secure, Maintenance Free Connection • Self-Locking Zinc Plated Wire Clamps • Full Line of Accessories: End Plate, Cross Connectors and Marking Tags
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