Disinfection Add-On


Expanding the functionality of the fully autonomous Neo floor-scrubbing robot, the Disinfection Add-On allows users to now autonomously disinfect high-touch, 3D surfaces with Neo 2, delivering an even more efficient, consistent, and measurable clean.


Alongside the safer environment it creates, the add-on allows for the multi-functional robot to deliver cost savings. Using the latest electrostatic spraying technology, facilities can now more effectively follow CDC recommendations for the daily cleaning of high-touch surfaces. Also, the sprayer uses less chemical solution when compared to traditional methods, ensuring disinfection chemicals do not dry out in the air before reaching the target; this feature also ensure that there is proper covering and dwell time on high-touch surfaces.


The Disinfection Add-On is powered by the Avidbots AI Platform to take the guesswork out of disinfection.


  • Electrostatic sprayer technology
  • Fully wrapped for complete disinfection
  • Fine and uniformly atomized droplets
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