A state-of-the-art centrifugal disk finisher with competitively superior features and benefits has been added to the broad line of metal parts finishing equipment from ALMCO, Inc. Key to the new Model ACDF-75 is its advanced design that includes a smaller opening between spinning and stationery components at the base of the machine, keeping tiny parts from disappearing during the finishing process.
Additionally, the ALMCO model’s urethane-lined bowl does not require frequent relining, which saves considerable equipment downtime.
Centrifugal disk finishing, which is becoming increasingly popular for deburring very small parts, includes a bowl with a spinning disk at the bottom.  The disk propels the abrasive media upward against the interior sidewalls, which act as a brake.  This causes the mass to turn over and return to the center of the disk, where it is set in motion again.
`    Disk finishers are ideally suited to medical, electronic, automotive, aerospace and other applications involving small metal parts.  While eliminating hand deburring, the machines can be placed side by side in a multi-unit, in-line arrangement.  And they can accomplish finishing tasks
five to 10 times faster than conventional vibratory equipment.
The ALMCO model is available in a choice of four different sizes to accommodate varying part dimensions and batch quantities.  All are exceptionally compact, taking up minimal
floor space, and light in weight for easy movement.

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