Dispenses & Cuts Difficult Foam Tape


Addison, TX – April 2006 –The newest member of START International’s TheTapeDispenser™ line is the first electric tape dispenser to dispense and cut foam tapes. With special non-stick rollers, the TDA080-NS addresses the needs of companies who use high quantities of foam tape in manufacturing processes.

For the first time, manufacturers can easily and efficiently dispense and cut foam tapes using one machine, and therefore increase speed and productivity in their assembly processes. The NS, or Non-Stick Model, features specially coated non-stick advancement rollers that allow the machine to dispense and cut foam tapes, duct tapes, and other high-tack tapes to the operator’s predetermined lengths.

This machine is unique in that “it works well with foam tapes and adhesive transfer tapes that other machines haven’t historically been able to dispense,” said Dan Sternberg, President of START.

The TDA080-NS complements appliance manufacturers, automotive manufacturers, and others due to the high amounts of foam tape involved in their production processes. When integrated into an assembly line, the dispenser will eliminate the need to manually measure and cut each piece of tape, as it conveniently performs these actions on its own.

This machine can speed up processes where foam tape is used for filling gaps, component mounting, insulation, affixing nameplates or logos, and any other foam tape application. The accuracy and speed of the TDA080-NS dispenses can lower labor costs and virtually eliminate tape waste from human error. With a tolerance of +/- .04 inches, companies can plan for and use the exact amounts of tape they need.

The new dispenser boasts four operating modes, including Manual Feed, Manual Feed and Cut, Auto Feed and Cut, and Interval Feed and Cut. These options give the operator more flexibility and allow the dispenser to be used in multiple ways.

With a heavy-duty construction of reinforced metal, the TDA080-NS is designed for continuous industrial use. It accepts tapes up to 3 inches in width and can cut pieces from 2 inches to 394 inches in length. It comes with a 3 inch core and has several accessories to complement its usage.

About START International:
START International has been providing taping and labeling solutions to manufacturers around the globe since 1981. To ensure that they meet the needs of their customers’ taping processes, START offers a Material Evaluation program which ensures dispenser success and customer satisfaction.

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