The new Optex FA CD5 series laser displacement sensors provide the ultimate in non-contact measurement sensing for all types of surfaces from mirrored reflective silicone wafers to low-reflective black rubber. Optex FA’s newly developed “Tri-CORE” technology with digital sub-pixel processing, high resolution electronic shutter and triple compensation/optimizing provides precise and stable measurement of any materials including glass and steel.
Nine models of diffuse reflective sensing heads are available for sensing distances up to 2 meter. Standard diffuse types with both narrow and wide beam are available in 30mm and 85mm distances. Three long distance sensor heads featuring the wide beam spot are available in ranges of 350mm, 500mm and 2meter.
The specular reflection type, for transparent or highly reflective surfaces, has a sensing distance of 25mm +/-1mm and provides 0.02µm resolution.  It can be used to measure the thickness of clear materials including glass. It is offered with either an ultra-small spot or a wide beam. The ultra-small spot of 25µm allows detection of even minute targets reliably for precise profile measurements. The wide beam type provides reliable measurement of targets with rough or pitted surfaces such as highly reflective metals.
The sensing heads can be used with the multifunction controller or used standalone. Standalone communication is done via RS-422 directly to a PC/PLC.
The multifunction controller provides fast and easy setup with a large LCD color display and 10 key lighted input panel for programming. Up to three heads can be connected to the controller providing multiple forms of  measurement calculations for product height, levelness, warpage, thickness, position, profile, concentricity, vibration, measurement,
The controller provides communication via USB and RS-232 ports and provides 8 digital control/alarm outputs and multiple inputs for bank select, hold, reset, and laser off functions.
Typical Industries include:
Rubber, automotive, lumber, steel, electronics, semi-conductor, and tire inspection.


* 0.02 μm resolution (CD5-L25) * Linearity of +-0.08%FS (CD5-L25) * Up to 3 laser heads can connect to one controller * Long sensing distances up to 2.5 Meters * Accurately detects black and/or shiny surfaces * Wide and narrow beam for stable detection of materials * Laser head can operate in standalone mode using RS422 Communications * Controller features large color LCD display, simple user interface , easy set-up, USb and serial communications * +/- 10VDC and 4-20ma analog output * 5 Control Outputs NPN or PNP * Controller stores 16 sets of parameters that can be accessed remotely
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