DK32 Variable Area Flowmeter


The DK32 variable area flowmeter is now available with an electrical signal output. The latest version of the DK32/ESK3x with 4 to 20mA/HART 7 communication can be used for continuous monitoring, logging or control of low-flow applications with liquids and gases.


The DK32 series is a true KROHNE classic for small flows, typically used in 1/8 to 1/2-in. (4 to 12 mm) pipelines, with a local indication of current flow via the mechanical scale. It features a compact design, eliminating the need for straight inlet and outlet sections, and an adjusting valve for flow regulation.


With available hazardous area approvals, typical DK32 areas of application include process or carrier gases, dosing of chemicals or additives, vessel inertization, purging, and monitoring of analyzer sample flow or seal gas/barrier fluids. While previously only MIN/MAX limit alarms were possible in these applications, the new version DK32/ESK3x can now transmit the current flow to a PCS via 4 to 20mA/HART 7 at a competitive price-performance ratio in terms of purchase and operation.


  • Compact mechanical indicator, optional 4…20 mA/HART7, MIN/MAX switches and needle valve
  • Sturdy metal design: stainless steel or alloy
  • Thread: G¼, ¼ NPT, etc.
  • -40…+200°C / +392°F, max. 220 barg / 3190 psig
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