DLS-ECO Series of Heating and Drying Diode Lasers


Six high-efficiency diode laser solutions (DLS-ECO) were designed to replace less efficient infrared bulbs and environmentally unfriendly gas-fired furnaces for industrial heating and drying applications.


These diode laser sources range in output power from 3.5 to 40 kW with wall plug energy efficiencies of over 52%.  The 100% solid-state laser directs energy as laser light onto the media being processed. Between batches, the diode heater is off, not idling, so no energy is consumed when it is not needed.


Laser light dries below the surface providing a more efficient process than is possible in a thermal convection oven, meaning a DLS-ECO solution is up to 4x smaller and up to 4x faster. The open and cold environment is inviting to thermal metrology enabling tighter process control benefitting from instantaneous, on-the-fly temperature adjustments.


The DLS-ECO is best suited to dry industrial coatings such as battery slurries, paint or powder coatings, and is employed when extremely tight process control is needed, such as semiconductor wafer heating.


 Wavelength960 to 985 nm
 OperationContinuous Wave/Modulated
 Frequency0 to 5 kHz
 Max. Power (W)22,00030,00040,0003,5007,00011,000
 Power Tunability10 to 100%
 Power Stability<±2%
 Laser Illumination
 Area (in., mm)
51 x 31 (1,300 x 780)8 x 8 (200 x 200)
 Power Density±5%
 Supply Voltage400 to 480V AC 3-phase, 50/60 Hz
 Cooling Efficiency52% Typical
  • >52% energy efficient
  • Compact footprint
  • Long-life IPG components
  • Simple water cooling
  • Low carbon footprint


  • Drying: Li-ion Battery Slurry, Paint, Powder Coating
  • Annealing/Curing: Industrial Coatings
  • Semiconductor: Wafer Heating
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