DMC-41x3 Econo Motion Controller with Ethernet


Galil Motion Control has recently introduced the DMC-41x3 motion controller series. The DMC-41x3 is the latest product in Galil’s  Econo series which are high performance controllers at a lower price. The new product offers many enhancements compared to the prior Econo controllers including Ethernet 100Base-T, a USB 2.0 port, higher speed performance, larger program memory, analog inputs, and optically isolated I/O.

“Compared to the older DMC-21x3 Econo Ethernet controller, the new DMC-41x3 controller offers many speed improvements and can accept encoder inputs up to 15 MHz and close-the-loop as fast as 62 microseconds,” said Lisa Wade, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Galil. “It also offers twice as much memory for user-programs and arrays.”

The DMC-41x3 operates stand-alone or interfaces to a PC with Ethernet 10/100Base-T or USB. An auxiliary RS232 port is also provided. The product is available in one through eight axis formats, and each axis is user-configurable for stepper or servo motor operation. The controller can be connected with external drives of any power range or with Galil’s multi-axis (500W per axis) servo drives or 60V, 3A microstepping drives. Galil drives install directly onto the DMC-41x3 controller, fitting inside the metal enclosure and saving space, cost and wiring.

Standard I/O of the DMC-41x3 controller includes 16 optically isolated inputs and outputs for the 1-4 axis models and 32  I/O for the 5-8 axis models.  Eight analog inputs are provided in addition to optically isolated forward and reverse limits and a home input for each axis. Other controller features include PID compensation with velocity and acceleration feedforward, memory for user programs, multitasking for simultaneously running up to eight programs, and I/O processing for synchronizing motion with external events. Modes of motion include point-to-point positioning, position tracking, jogging, linear and circular interpolation, contouring, electronic gearing, ECAM and PVT.

The DMC-41x3 controller and drive package is 8.1” x 7.25” x 1.5” for the 1- thru 4-axis model and 11.5” x 7.25” x 1.5” for the 5- thru 8- axis model. It accepts power from a single 20-60 VDC source. The DMC-41x3 is available as a card-level product or packaged in a metal enclosure.

Like all Galil controllers the DMC-41x3 controllers are programmed with Galil’s intuitive, 2-letter command language, making them easy to program. GalilTools software simplifies system set-up with automated servo tuning and real-time display of motion information.

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