Dock Warning Signal Alarm


Erich Industries new Safety Sentry™ Warning Signal Alarm significantly improves loading dock safety by alerting anyone nearby of a vehicle backing into the dock position.

Numerous injuries and deaths occur each year in the loading dock during vehicle backing. One local OSHA Area Director states “This office has investigated one similar incident per year over the past several years, and it's about time these types of fatalities stop. Worker death from this cause can happen to companies large or small, and we all need to work on prevention.” The government does not mandate any backup signal alarm on most motor vehicles including semi-tractor trailer.

The Safety Sentry™ is an innovative concept utilizing a 105dB siren and strobe light combination system in synch with proven industrial motion sensing technology.  The highly durable patent pending design is rated NEMA 4 and constructed with UV resistant polycarbonate using liquid tight strain relief connections.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that 73 percent of backup accidents would have been prevented if the pedestrian could have heard a warning signal from a backup alarm (NHTSA 2-5).  Don’t let the vehicles lack of a backup alarm cause injury or death in your loading dock, with the inevitable resulting lawsuit. At a cost as low as $200 per dock position, Safety Sentry™ Warning Signal Alarm will save lives!


  • 105dB siren and strobe light combination
  • improves loading dock safety
  • UV resistant polycarbonate

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Had not heard of this product before. We had a couple close calls in our dock and didn't want to take any more chances. We installed them in all dock positions and they do work great. I believe our loading dock is much safer.