DockBlanket Dock Leveling Equipment Cover


Thermal Barrier Solutions announces DockBlanket™, an insulative cover for the surface areas of dock leveler systems. DockBlanket's patent-pending design is engineered to provide a comprehensive insulating solution at loading docks where dock-leveling equipment is utilized—the single largest source of energy loss and creation of worker discomfort from cold temperatures within a warehouse or storage facility.

Three standard product sizes are currently available: 84" x 78", 90" x 78" and 96" x 78", and custom sizes are also available to fit a broad range of application requirements.

Two separate types of energy loss occur at the dock leveling device. First, outside cold air blows through the dock leveler and into the warehouse. Additionally, the actual steel construction of the dock leveler becomes colder as outside temperatures fall. Both of these conditions—convection and induction—create a colder work environment, which force higher energy expenditure. DockBlanket, which carries an insulation “R” factor of 4, features a patent-pending design to guard against both types of energy loss.

“In the past, there have been a number of product attempts to prevent energy loss from occurring thru dock leveling devices, but the vast majority of these products wear out quickly and need to be replaced regularly,” said Paul Wessel, founder and CEO of Thermal Barrier Solutions. “Furthermore, these product approaches are designed to provide a limited solution for only one type of energy loss.” Wessel adds, “DockBlanket provides a complete insulation solution, helping corporations save on their energy costs while increasing worker productivity.”


  • Reduces both types of energy loss: convection and induction
  • Offers rapid return on investment through significant energy savings
  • Facilitates easy and quick installation
  • Qualifies for possible energy-saving rebates
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