PRIMA North America, Inc., a leading manufacturer of innovative laser cutting systems, has announced today they have introduced the next generation in the DOMINO laser cutting series. The system has the highest axes speed available in its category with high acceleration on the X and Y axis for high speed 2D / 3D cutting. The system incorporates several key features that guarantee high machine accuracy and result in significantly improved cut quality. DOMINO offers a new high speed CNC control to provide enhanced graphics for easy, user-friendly programming, and a quick piercing function that reduces piercing time by over 25%. For offline 3D programming, DOMINO is available with Cenit 3D software. “DOMINO features a combined X-Y-Z axes speed of 5,900 in/min, and provides a versatile, economical solution for both 2D and 3D laser cutting,” stated Mr. Thomas Burdel, VP of Sales and Marketing for PRIMA Laser. The direct drive cutting / welding heads offer high precision and dynamics, and a low maintenance solution. In addition, its synthetic granite frame eliminates vibration and guarantees thermal stability, contributing significantly to system accuracy. Positioning accuracy and repeatability is 0.001” and the maximum combined positioning speed is 5900 in/min. The innovative, 2D / 3D system has a compact overall size due to its unique cantilever design. However, DOMINO has a large X-Y-Z working capacity of 120”x 60”x16”. The laser head performs two rotations: A axis, 360 degrees continuous and B axis, +/- 135 degrees. The DOMINO cuts anything from conventional 2D flat sheet work to complex 3 dimensional pieces at any head orientation with ease and high speed and high accuracy. DOMINO features a unique CNC focal axis and a capacitance height sensor that accurately and automatically maintains the standoff distance from the work surface while adapting to material and thickness accordingly. This eliminates manual operator intervention, facilitating unattended production runs. The laser head has a magnetic breakaway system that protects against crashes. In the event of an obstruction, the head safely releases and the machine can be operational again in minutes. The optional CNC rotary axis provides fast, accurate tube cutting capability. Automated pallet changer, fully automatic material handling and storage unit options are also available, significantly reducing manual labor and enhancing productivity. The DOMINO system’s flying optics design with the fixed work piece guarantees higher processing speeds and better part accuracy. All machine elements are embedded in a single, easily transported block and no special foundation is required. The integrated cabin is fully enclosed for safety, and is also designed for maximum visibility and accessibility for part loading/unloading and maintenance. DOMINO incorporates its laser resonator right into the machine structure for stability and low maintenance. The system is available with a 2500W, 3500W or a 4000W CO2 laser resonator. DOMINO can also be programmed offline with 2D PICAM CAD/CAM or 3D Cenit FasTRIM software. FasTRIM 3D programming software offers a full range of CAD / CAM and simulation functionality covering all 3D laser process requirements.


• X axis – 3000mm • Y axis – 1500mm • Z axis – 370mm • Rotation A 360° (continuous, w/o limitation) • Rotation B ±135°
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