Double-Diaphragm Ink Pump


Electra-Flow Electric Ink Pump is an electrically powered, double diaphragm ink pump that has all the qualities of an air-powered ink pump while offering a cleaner, safer and more cost-effective operation.


The inherent design of the Electric Ink Pump not only eliminates the need for costly air consumption and associated pneumatic plumbing and valves required for air-powered pumps, but it also lowers maintenance and material costs. The Electric Ink Pump uses a low-voltage DC motor in a reciprocating motion to oscillate opposed diaphragms. The two pump heads are timed so that one head is taking liquid while the other is expelling. As a result, pump pulsations are minimized due to the smooth reversing action of the crank mechanism. Intuitively designed, the Electric Ink Pump is available as a stand-alone kit or can be integrated into ink system controls.


With variable motor speeds, users can adjust the flow volume from 0 to 10 gallons per minute and are ensured a consistent and predictable flow rate at any level. The low-voltage design further reduces energy consumption and increases operator safety.  In addition, its self-priming, positive displacement features enable corrugated paper scraps and high-viscosity inks to freely pass through the system-eliminating stalls and further reducing maintenance requirements.

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