Double-Mitre Bandsaw


KASTOmiwin is a double mitre bandsaw for cut-to-length and mitre cuts between -45 and +60 degrees. Initially available as the semiautomatic KASTOmiwin U 4.6 and the automatic A 4.6 version, it is designed particularly for cut-to-size pieces in the steel industry, the iron and steel trade, plant construction and special machine building.

The new saw impresses with an electrical saw feed drive with ball screw spindle. In the A-version, a rack-and-pinion drive provides the material feed. The single stroke of the material feed in the A-version is 3,000 mm. KASTO counteracts inaccuracies in cut lengths by skilful placement of the vice. This fixes the material at right angles to the material flow direction in all cases. The saw specialist is therefore able to achieve mitre and cut length accuracies in the 'fine' tolerance class.

The clamping range of the new bandsaw is up to 460 mm depending on the material profile. The smallest size that can be cut is 10 x 10 mm. With single cuts, the KASTOmiwin leaves a remnant piece of 30 mm. In automatic mode, the remnant piece length increases to 200 mm for 90° cuts. The user can adjust the cutting speed steplessly from 12 to 150 metres per minute. The Achern development engineers have designed the saw to avoid wear resulting from sawing into the material support table. Nevertheless, the cut pieces are available immediately behind the saw blade. The height of the material support bed is 700 mm.

The space required by the new KASTOmiwin is 3,950 mm, and 5,450 mm in the version with material feed. Positioning the saw head at an angle reduces the width to 2,980 mm - ideal for container transportation. 

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