Double Sided PTFE Tape made with Teflon® fluoropolymer


Double-sided PTFE Tape made with acrylic adhesive or high bond adhesive.  Double-sided pressure sensitive tapes are available .010" thk. to .060" thk. in roll goods, sheet goods or die cut parts.


Double-sided PTFE tape helps to eliminate the need for rivets, bolts and screws and lowers assembly and production costs.  It also absorbs impact, resists plasticizer migration and avoids stress cracking issues.  This tape can also be used in the joining of dissimlar materials or heat senstive materials that could typically not be joined in the past due to the materials would distorting under high temperatures.  Double-sided PTFE tape can help eliminate these problems and provide application solutions.


The 15-DS Series maintains the traditional benefits of standard single-sided PTFE pressure sensitive tapes.  It possesses high temperature and chemical resistance, a non-pororus surface, and superior dielectric strength.  Both adhesive systems offer the same properties as well


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Item #Item NameTape ThicknessWidthLengthList Price
15-10HB-DS-1-5.010" Skived PTFE w/ High Bond.010"1"5 yard$27.13
15-10HB-DS-2-5.010" Skived PTFE w/ High Bond.010"2"5 yard$54.26
15-10HB-DS-3-5.010" Skived PTFE w/ High Bond.010"3"5 yard$81.39
15-20HB-DS-1-5.020" Skived PTFE w/ High Bond.020"1"5 yard$39.24
15-20HB-DS-2-5.020" Skived PTFE w/ High Bond.020"2"5 yard$78.48
15-20HB-DS-3-5.020" Skived PTFE w/ High Bond.020"3"5 yard$117.72
15-10A-DS-.5-5.010" Skived PTFE w/ Acrylic.010".5"5 yard$12.21
15-10A-DS-1-5.010" Skived PTFE w/ Acrylic.010"1"5 yard$24.42
15-10A-DS-2-5.010" Skived PTFE w/ Acrylic.010"2"5 yard$48.84
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