Double Swivel 20” Band Saw


Scotchman® Industries is pleased to introduce the new Double Swivel 20” Band Saw, DS-20.  This new 20” horizontal band saw will swing 45 degrees right or 60 degrees left.  DS-20’s capacity at 90° is 14” high x 20” wide, at 45° is 14” high x 14” wide, and at 60° is 14” high x 10” wide.  This machine comes standard with a quick-slide vise for swinging from right to left, hydraulic clamping and head lift combine to make a semi-automatic cycle control.  This American-made band saw comes with a 1-1/4” blade, saw guides with carbide inserts, large material bed, and a remote control console as well as other standard features.

This general-purpose American-made band saw provides maximum versatility and longevity, with minimum maintenance.  With their massive heads, large blades, and array of standard features, these machines are designed to handle the toughest applications for years of production. 


• Capacity at 90˚ is 14” high x 20” wide, at 45˚ is 14” high x 14” wide, and at 60˚ is 14” high x 10” wide.
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