Downdraft Table With Hood Exhaust Manages Ultra-Fine Dust Applications


Aget Manufacturing Company (Adrian, MI) has announced the development of a new, dual-stage air purifying workstation that provides high efficiency particulate and contaminate capture, removal, and disposal from worker areas and environments. The new technology, consisting of an Aget conventional Downdraft Table with a backdraft booth was originally conceived in response to the critical requirements of a manufacturer of office equipment and computer periphery devices. The initial system, featuring both a two-duct exhaust booth and two collection hoppers on the lower, table section, was provided for operations involving the filling of copier, fax and printer cartridges with toner. Course particles will typically settle downward and be removed by the downdraft action, while the ultra-fine particulates become and stay airborne where they are captured by the slotted hood within the booth.
Based on that original design, Aget offers similar, multi-functional units, though each is engineered with either single or dual hoppers and one or two overhead exhaust outlets with capacities sized for specific applications. Also incorporated into the downdraft table/booth units are adjustable baffles within the slotted hood system that provide a means to control air flow and volumes and to affect proper balance of air movement between the two systems to optimize air performance. This new dual style technology unit is ideal for operations that produce fine and ultra-fine dust, smoke, fumes and other airborne toxins from woodworking, metalworking, soldering, grinding and polishing, chemical handling, and the mixing/packaging of other bulk powder materials and dry goods.

Aget has 12 models of downdraft tables available, six in single hopper styles sized from 36" to 48" wide, and 30" to 48" deep. The six two-hopper units offered measure from 60" to 96" in width, and from 36" to 48" deep—all tables are 38" high. Recommended exhaust air volumes are150 to 250 CFM per sq. ft. of surface area and are based on application requirements. The tables can be
provided as bench type devices or, like the exhaust hood version, with back and side walls to form a booth-style enclosure to help contain contaminates and prevent dispersion. Each table configuration, whether of dual hopper or single hopper design, is a stand-alone module, yet they can easily be combined into multiple units to create larger workstations. The Downdraft Tables and auxiliary ducting are designed to connect to and work with central dust collection systems, such as Aget’s FilterKopÒ filter system or its DustKopÒ cyclone collection and recirculation units.

As part of the downdraft table systems, hopper elbows are included, and clean out doors may be provided for access to the duct work. The units are constructed from heavy-duty, industrial grade steel with steel bar open grating for the work surface. An open mesh PVC mat is available to place over the steel grate to help protect work pieces and parts. Options include white reflective finishes inside the enclosure plus built-in lighting for high visibility.

In addition to Downdraft Tables Aget also designs, engineers and builds a full line of workplace environmental purifying systems including DustKop® recirculating, push-thru and pull-thru cyclone dust collection systems, FilterKop® fabric baghouse-style filtration units, and MistKop® mist collectors, chip-mist collectors, after-filters with pull-thru exhaust, and bins, silos and hopper filters. Systems are available in a variety of sizes and capacities, plus Aget offers comprehensive engineering services for custom application requirements.
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