DPV-B Series of Dense-Phase Conveyors


DPV-B Series of dense-phase conveyors from Cyclonaire Corporation are ideal for moving large quantities of powdered, granular, or pelletized friable and abrasive materials. Standard units are rated at 100-plus tons per hour and provide high material-to-air ratios and extremely low line velocities, resulting in smaller line sizes, lower air consumption, reduced dust problems, and lower capital investment and operating costs. Abrasive wear and particle degradation are also minimized. DPV-B Conveyors feature vacuum loading with bottom discharge and fit where low headroom makes other types of conveyors impractical. Units can be used for bulk unloading, in-plant transfer, scaling and batching, and customized for almost any dense-phase conveying application.

DPV Series Conveyors use positive air pressure for both loading and conveying. A proprietary Cyclonaire venturi assembly creates the vacuum needed for loading. In vacuum mode, the conveyor fills its transfer vessel by drawing material from one or multiple supply sources, such as storage silos, bins, hopper-bottom railcars, or trailers. Cycling between loading the transfer vessel and unloading it is automatic. A high-level control senses when the transfer vessel is full and automatically switches to discharge mode and pressurizes the vessel for conveying material to its destination. Integral dust separation minimizes venturi wear.

Construction choices include carbon steel, stainless steel, and epoxy coating. Multiple inlets and load cells are optional. Programmable controls (PLCs) permit reduced supervision and can be outfitted for highly automated operation.

About Cyclonaire Corporation
Cyclonaire is a manufacturer of bulk material handling systems and controls, specializing in pneumatic conveying. The company supplies components as well as complete dilute, dense, and semi-dense phase conveying systems. Its services range from concept engineering and project management through start-up supervision. Industries served include cement, chemical, battery, food, foundry, milling, mineral, railroad, and rubber.


* Dense phase conveyor uses high pressure air to convey at extremely low line velocities (400 fpm) and higher material-to-air ratios (135-140) for less abrasive line wear and less friable/fragile product degradation than with dilute phase conveying, yet optimizing rate. * Vacuum load via single or multiple inlet valves from any direction(s). Bottom discharge for high rates. * Less operator supervision via automated controls * Specify: o Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or epoxy coated o Multiple inlets o Automatic controls o Load cells
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