DR Series AC Motors


The DR Series AC Motors comply with the most important standards worldwide and the various requirements of the local energy efficiency regulations in a power range from 0.09 to 375 kW.


The DR../DRN/DR2.. modular motor systems have a suitable design in their range for the globally applicable efficiency classes IE1 to IE4: DRS../DR2S for IE1, DRN.. for IE3, and DRU.. for IE4.


The weight and dimensions of the DRN.. IE3 motors are only marginally different from comparable IE2 motors.


All other motor options are available independently of the efficiency class. A comprehensive braking concept and cost-optimized built-in encoders that are completely integrated into the motor ultimately complement the motor range.


The size 355 is found as a solo motor in the DRN modular system. Combinations with an industrial gear unit, regardless of whether with an adapter directly into the helical or bevel-helical gear unit or the complete drive package on the steel swing arm, are the best possibilities for using an IEC solo motor.

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