Drill Delivers Easy Chip Removal


​Walter has introduced the D4120, an indexable insert drill, (with up to 5 x Dc) that combines superior performance, enhanced precision, and cost-effectiveness due to Walter’s technological advancements.


The drill’s list of features begins with a design that facilitates easy chip removal, process reliability, and close hole tolerance through hardened and polished flute surfaces. Good finished surface quality and hole tolerance is achieved through a wiper cutting edge on the periphery insert, optimized chip flute design with continuous chip evacuation, as well as a coolant-thru system (one per cutting edge) for improved cooling and fast chip removal.


Cutting costs are kept lower because of four cutting edges and the long tool life characteristics provided by Tiger·tec® Silver grades. The versatile D4120, which employs inserts from the P484 family, is suitable for ISO material groups P, M, K, N, S in all major industries.

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