Drive Couplings Added to SureMotion Line


Rotating shaft-driven mechanical components are commonly
used in all forms of machinery that perform the various processes
and functions of modern industry. Perfect alignment of shafts and
rotating components is desired, but it is nearly impossible to build
a real-world machine in which adjacent shaft ends align perfectly.
Shaft ends can be misaligned radially or angularly, exhibit
axial displacement, or experience a combination of all three.
Misalignment will place stresses on shafts and related parts of
the assembly such as bearings, which can result in early failure
of both. Drive couplings can be used to compensate for shaft misalign-
ment, whether the misalignment is an intentional or an uninten-
tional part of the design. When designing or modifying a system,
there are essential factors to consider for choosing the correct
couplings for the application


Styles available:

  • jaw/spider
  • double loop
  • Oldham
  • beam-style servo
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