DriverSIM VR Training Tool for Terminals


DriverSIM is a simulated, supplemental training tool for terminal yard tractor (UTR) drivers. It leverages virtual reality (VR) technology so terminals can transition part of their equipment training to a virtual environment. It enhances efficiency, cost savings, and safety for terminal operators and drivers by reducing equipment use and emissions across their terminal yards.


As a simulation tool, DriverSIM allows repeatable training on high-incident yard scenarios at no risk to drivers or equipment. This feature provides real-time metrics to help improve training outcomes and accuracy, leading to immediate and long-term cost savings. It can be customized so terminals can tailor the simulation and training to reflect their yard layout, operations, and equipment types. It's also available as an out-of-the-box configuration to help terminal operators meet immediate training needs and cost savings.


  • Compatible with multi-monitor displays for non-VR training experiences
  • Allows drivers to interact in a safe, simulated yard space.
  • Provides an accurate measurement of driver performance in real time
  • Customized to match your terminal so drivers can train in scenarios that reflect your yard layout and operations
  • Reduces carbon footprint and emissions
  • Basic and Pro configurations provide flexibility while meeting your immediate training needs
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