Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps


DZS dry claw vacuum pumps offer non-contact and dry pumping chambers with high performance and power efficiency, making them suitable for many applications including pneumatic conveying, CNC routing, etc.


The design offers removable stainless steel claws that are easy to clean and easily changeable seals. Due to its innovative structure, DZS can be reassembled without touching the drive train. Modular design of the pumping chamber, gearbox, and silencer allows for replacement of individual components in case of failure due to process upsets.


DZS features:

• Dry (oil-free) pumping chamber
• Market leading low noise level
• Efficient IE3 motor with variable speed
      option for complete controllability
• Simple maintenance with contact-free
      internals eliminating wear
• Cool running and simple air cooling
• Compact design with a small footprint

• Corrosion resistant claws

• Coated pumping chamber
• Suitable for many harsh applications.

• Easily accessible pumping chamber for cleaning without
     accessing the gearbox and disturbing the timing.
• Modular design allows flexibility and efficiency in
     terms of maintenance and life cycle costs.

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