Drying Methods for Plastics Brochure


Modern plastics manufacturers must produce quality products quickly, requiring rapid, accurate moisture analysis. METTLER TOLEDO’s free collection of halogen moisture analysis drying methods can help ensure processes are fast, accurate and repeatable.


The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has included halogen moisture analysis as a standard test method for determination of moisture in plastics by loss in weight in designation D6980-12. However, defining a drying method that fits the standard using a halogen moisture analyzer may be unfamiliar.


To aid in the process, a free collection of drying methods for plastics that encompasses standard methods as described by ASTM is available. This collection will help plastics manufacturers get started with fast, accurate halogen moisture analysis and deliver results in less time to keep up with customer demand.


Accurate moisture analysis can help provide trouble-free compounding and injection molding, which enhances surface smoothness and helps to provide ideal mechanical properties. An ability to provide repeatable results in less time makes the METTLER TOLEDO HX204 halogen moisture analyzer an excellent choice for providing this fast, accurate halogen moisture analysis, whether used on the factory floor or in the quality control lab.


Discover how easy it can be to determine the moisture content of plastics by downloading the free collection of drying methods.

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